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Benefits of Facebook Advertising

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One of the best platforms to day to spend your advertising budget is on Facebook. This social network which has more than 750 million members and 250 million are active on any given day. Imagine a single member that has 100 friends, your Facebook ad has the potential to be seen by lots of people.
A Facebook ad is usually made of a 110×80 size image and an accompanying text usually composed of 135 characters. Although it may look small it is the most cost effective method in advertising that brings the maximum results. Here’s the reason why, once a person likes you ad it will be shown on their wall. If each person has an average of 100 friends then the number of people who will see your ad increases exponentially.

Example:  Check out these 12 successful campaigns.
Perhaps one of the best benefits of Facebook advertising that you can get from Facebook ads is that you can easily target a specific demographic. You don’t have to waste your money targeting people in Mexico when what you really want is to have your ad seen by people living in California. Facebook makes it easy for you to target specific people based on age, location, gender and marital status just to name a few. If you are a dentist and want to increase the number of your clients, a simple Facebook ad that targets people living in your immediate area will yield positive results.
Facebook ads also have the tendency for your business or product to go viral. If a person recommends your ad to his or her friend and that someone recommends it to other friends then this will make it go viral.



So who should get Facebook ads? If you own a business or large corporation and want to advertise then Facebook is the best medium to do so. The easy to understand step by step guide on the site will help you create your first ad.

If you want to be 100% sure that the Facebook ad that you create will be effective then it’s best to leave it to the professionals. There are various service providers that can help you come up with the best ad to target your ideal client.

The other option you have is to build a business page that gets your company recognized without the cost of advertising.  You will have a much greater opportunity to present your product and services on an ongoing basis.  The page will become an asset for your business.  Here is an example of an seo company using this method to attract customers.  You can even start out paying for some ads that direct targeted traffic to your page.  In this way you can develop a list of followers.